Most frequent questions and answers

Bespoke Music

Bespoke Music is custom made exactly to a customers personal preference with  levels of detail dependent only  on budget.

Having initially discussed a brief with you, via the contact section on our bespoke page or any other contact method, we can call upon an array of talented composers, on our books, from around the world, to get initial ideas written, recorded and sent to you for approval. We will then work closely with you to shape the initial demo towards a final, fully approved, master.

A rough outline of prices for music produced, in different styles and for different production genres, can be found on our bespoke page. 

As part of our contract with you, payment terms will be agreed in advance.

Most of our contracts involve 50% of total negotiated fee being invoiced for at the point of commission – often after the approval of a demo track, with the remaining fee becoming payable on completion and delivery of the completed project, within 30 days.   

Here at Stickleback Music, we have a selection of composers who cover a diverse range of musical genres.  We will match the best writers to help work on your project. From electronic dance, to folk, sound design or large scale orchestral recordings, whether for TV, Advertising or Feature Films, we have the facilities, experience and knowledge to make it happen.

That all depends; a simple, computer based, bedding track can be written and produced in a day. A copy would then be sent to you for discussion with regards to changes needed or approval. Once approval is received the track is mastered and delivered. 

The more complicated the style / genre the longer it will take. For example, an orchestral piece may take a week, or a month, or more, and then require recording with an orchestra!

Once we receive a brief we will be able to give you a fair approximation of the time required to finish the project.

If you have a challenging timescale for your project we will endeavour to pull out all the stops in order to meet your deadline. A quick turn-around fee may apply

At Stickleback Music we will work collaboratively with you to deliver a product that meets with your requirements. If the track produced needs amending, prior to final approval, within a reasonable scope of variation from the original brief, then we will try to accommodate these changes. 

We can help! Ask our customer support team a question at bespoke@sticklebackmusic.com.

Licenced Music

Many video creators come across the problem of finding music that they can put on their content without them being demonetised or receiving claims. 

For this reason, you must, as a creator use  royalty-free music; i.e songs that you have permission to use. This permission – or  “right to use” – can come in a variety of forms. The most common one is buying it from a specialised website like Stickleback Music. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about royalty-free music is that it is free. Most often a licence fee is paid to use the tracks. When you pay the licence fee, you are paying royalties, which is the right to use a certain song on a video. These royalties are paid to artists, record labels, or website owners, depending on where you are buying the track. 

The licence fee you pay when you use Stickleback Music goes to the artist that creates the music.

Stickleback Music offers royalty-free music for a role based price – depending on what you are using the music for – either a single-use licences or a multi track discount. What you are paying for, is not the ownership of the track (the copyright), but the royalties for using the track. 

That is why Stickleback Music asks you to agree to the terms of use, which we recommend you read and understand. Once you have purchased your track, generally, the music side of, the content you’ve created will be cleared of copyright forever.

Once your subscription is over, as with many other sites, Stickleback Music doesn’t allow you to use the downloaded tracks on any other content aside from the ones already published during the active subscription period. If you do so, you could face copyright issues for any new material.

Royalty-free music is a must for online creators, especially when it comes to video monetisation. With so many varieties of social media around, even if your video is not on YouTube, it is something that you should pay attention to

The best viewing experience has the music included in the video that is being viewed, not linking to external music sources – which can be really irritating for your viewers. This is why royalty free music is absolutely key – and where Stickleback Music can help!

If you plan to make a living out of your digital content, then royalty free music is an absolute investment for your online content – you can use a track from Stickleback Music more than once, but our prices are low enough to keep your content fresh and relevant, allowing you to build up a good royalty free library of music. 


In general, copyright is a legal means of protecting an artists work. Copyrights provide creators with exclusive intellectual property (IP) rights over their content. When a music artist finishes a creative work (in this case a song or track), they automatically become the copyright owner of that piece. This means that the music can’t be used without the consent of the artist.

For a song, once it is downloaded from Stickleback Music, as it is a royalty free item, you do not need to credit the artist with the work.

Stickleback Music would recommend that you do provide credit to the artist to  avoid any possible copyright claims and also out of respect for the artists skills and creativity. The format would usually be the artists name and the company, Stickleback Music. 

One way to have copyright-free music without giving any attribution is producing it yourself, which is no easy task for those who aren’t composers or musicians. This way you will own the copyrights to the track and will be free to use it as you want.

We can help! Ask our customer support team a question at licence@sticklebackmusic.com.


Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. You have a button on your profile/subscriptions to do so. In case you have any other questions about this please send us an email to subscription@Sticklebackmusic.com

Our refund policy aims to be fair between artist and creators. If you are not satisfied with Stickleback Music’s services, we will offer a refund for that subscription period but only where there have been no tracks downloaded. 

All of our music is available to listen to online before purchasing. Single licence downloads are not refundable. 

The music can only be used if you publish the End Product while your subscription is active. Then the licence continues for the life of the End Product (even if your subscription ends). 

Stickleback Music does not allow you to download tracks then cancel the subscription and continue making new content with the music that you have downloaded. 

If you want to use our music to create third-party content, you will need a corporate subscription licence.  Check our corporate subscription licence here.

Yes, you can licence single tracks for ‘one-off’ projects.  Check our single licence here. Alternatively Stickleback Music can create music specifically for your project – find out more on our bespoke page.

We can help! Ask our customer support team a question  at subscription@sticklebackmusic.com.